Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Treat Smelly Crawl Space Odor

When there is a strong crawl space odor, it can spread throughout the home via the duct system.  Crawlspaces are typically a dirt floor that are vented to the unconditioned outdoor air.  This allows for multiple odor sources.  Vented crawl spaces are especially susceptible to moisture problems.  Moisture can lead to mold growth and other odor problems.

The first step in how to treat a smelly crawl space is to find out the source of the problem.  If the crawlspace is vented, it is recommended that an encapsulation or conditioning system be installed to remedy unwanted humid air from entering the crawlspace in the summer months.  If the crawlspace is wet or moist after heavy rains,  it is recommended that a interior or exterior drainage system is installed to facilitate the water out of the crawlspace.  An encapsulation system would be installed after the drainage problem is resolved.

Another source of odor is from the dirt floor in the crawlspace.  You might just be smelling the odor of soil after has become damp and that moisture starts to evaporate.  In this case, a vapor barrier would help stop some of the smell, but an encapsulation system would do a better job of containing the smell under the liner.

Sometimes an odor can come from dead animals or animal fecal matter.  In this scenario, an encapsulation system would also help to ensure animals do not enter the crawlspace because it would be sealed off from curious critters entering.

If mold already exists in the crawl, then professional mold remediation needs to take place prior or during the moisture control remedy.

In either case, if you are unsure of the source, or need help addressing the source, give us a call for a no-obligation estimate to help remedy the odor.  Our Office Phone is 317-893-7016.

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