Friday, November 15, 2013

Crawl Space Indianapolis

Crawl spaces in indianapolis are not unlike those in the rest of the great Hoosier state.  Crawl spaces in general are a design flaw.  They have an exposed dirt floor that is open to the outside air via ventilation.  There are so many problems with this scenario.

For starters the exposed earth evaporates moisture into the air of the crawlspace.  A standard vapor barrier is installed in most crawl spaces to reduce this evaporation but does not manage to eliminate all the  moisture emitting from the dirt floor.

Most importantly, the vents (standard building codes) allow for outdoor unconditioned air to enter the crawlspace environment throwing off the balance of the conditioning occurring in the home.  Hot humid air in Indianapolis summers enter the crawlspace and cause the colder surfaces (air ducts, water pipes) to condensate.  In some cases, the entire floor structure is saturated in moisture from condensation. Vented crawlspaces also bring in cold air in the winter that leads to cold floors, frozen water pipes, and higher heating bills.

There is a remedy to vented crawl spaces in Indianapolis.  Proper drainage and encapsulation of the crawlspace can turn an unhealthy environment into a clean, dry, energy efficient, health crawlspace.  For more information or a free quote , give us a call at 1-317-893-7016.  Our Indianapolis Crawlspace Insulation Contractors can keep your home warm and dry.

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