Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bloomington, IN Drainage Systems

We met with a homeowner on the east side of Bloomington, Indiana near Smith Rd off 46.  After inspection of the crawlspace, standing water was noticed in puddles along the perimeter of the crawl space walls.  A perimeter drainage system was recommended in the crawl space, and the homeowner agreed to the repairs.
Drainage Trench
Trenches were excavated around the perimeter of the crawlspace to divert water entering through the block and under the footer to the sump pit.

A sump pit hole was dug, and a 4"perforated corrugated pipe was placed in the trench running into the sump basin hole.

The sump basin was installed in the hole with the 4" tile draining the water from the trenches.  The trenches were backfilled with an aggregate to prevent silting and clogging.
Crawl Space Sump Pump
A sump pump was placed in the sump basin with the float switch appropriately placed in the center to prevent it from sticking against the side walls of the pit.  The crawl space floor was covered with a 6 mil black vapor barrier.  The homeowner plans on encapsulating the crawl space once he saves up for it.  A drainage system was more important at this time because of the flooding that was occurring in the crawlspace.

If you live near the Bloomington or Central Indiana area, and are in need of a Crawlspace Drainage System, Give us a call at 317-893-7016.

Larry Ralph

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