Monday, December 16, 2013

Crawl Space Mold New Palestine, IN

A recent visit to a home in New Palestine, Indiana found an extreme case of mold growth and wood rot in their crawlspace.  The homeowner was aware of "joist problems" when she bought the home 4 years ago, but was blindsided by the extent of repairs needed for the home.  The access was too tight for her home inspector to evaluate the crawlspace so no inspection was done until she called us out to assist her in getting her home ready to sell.  She was horrified over what she saw going on under her home.  The home had been completely remodeled when she bought the home.  Unfortunately, this is not the first home buyer that was unaware of the severity of problem in their crawlspace.  It is very important to thoroughly inspect the crawlspace before purchasing the home.  Give us a call at 317-893-7016 if you are looking for a professional crawlspace inspection.  We service all of central Indiana.

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