Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Drainage Pipe in Crawl Space Foundation

  In many crawlspaces throughout Indiana, there are 4" corrugated drainage pipes going through the foundation or under the footing.  These are installed by a builder as a means to prevent a wet crawlspace.  Unfortunately, in many cases, this is the only means of waterproofing that is utilized.  We've seen many homes with improper grading, and non-existent footing drains.  The builder just puts in a pipe to the outside.

All this does is prevent major flooding (2"-6" water levels). It is not a means to prevent or stop water from flooding the crawlspace.  In some cases, we have found that the drainage pipe leads to nowhere, just basically set in the earth and back filled with soil.

In any case, if the crawlspace remains wet, a perimeter drainage system or external waterproofing systems need to be installed to keep the crawlspace dry.  If this is the only source of drainage in your crawlspace, give us a call at 1-317-893-7016 for a FREE no-obligation inspection of your crawlspace.

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